Interior Design_Uni-Style-Image_2010

An interior design project of a store for the indian brand "UniStyleImage".
The project is under design process
The store will open in May 2010

Graphic Design / Packaging_La Cravate_2010

It's a tie made with a recycling rubber, founded in India. The project was to use an ecological and cheap material to create some products.

Interior Design_Lecoanet-Hemant_2009

A shop for the haute couture Fashion brand Lecoanet-Hemant.
This store opened in October 2009, and I had to supervise the technical team during the building work. 


Product Design_BodyOrg_2009

How to bring together valid and disabled people by sport?
How could valid people be closer to the disabled?
How to use sport to gather and to know each other better ?

In order to answer these questions, I planned a project: the BodyOrg. It’s about a sport rug where valid and disabled people can practice together dynamic activities like fitness, rest with massages, and realize therapeutic exercices.

the technical principle, inspired by an organ

Product Design_L'Oréal / Garnier_2009

A product highlighter for the «Bodytonic» roll-on by Garnier, retailed in 550 stores in France.

A product highlighter for the «Fructis Style» hair spray by Garnier, retailed in 550 stores in France.

Product Design_L'Oréal / Maybelline_2009

A display for the new «Tenue and Strong» nail color by Maybelline retailed in about 1000 stores in France.

A display for the new «Color Sensational» lipstick by Maybelline.
A «Sexy and Glam’» display for the «Longueur Provocante» mascara, retailed in about 1000 stores in France.


Product Design_Dassault Systèmes_2008

A project about free access cars with Dassault Systèmes for the « Mairie de Paris ».

We studied not only the design of the vehicle, but also on defining the user’s needs, how to book up a vehicle, where to find it, what happens once inside...

In this group work, I created the story board and some on the 3D modeling.

Product Design_Steiner_2008

A «first class» sofa made to let your mind fly, and destined to rest.

This sofa is designed to isolate the user, and immerse him in a sweet dream, thanks to this «out of the way» form and by the light.

Product Design_The Chador for Adidas_2006

ADIDAS helps Afghan women through the association Athlètes du Monde thanks to this chador I created.


Graphic Design_Swarovski_2007

A research board, to make wedding stationery for Swarovski.
A partnership made during an international exchange, in Japan. 

Graphic Design_Magimix_2008

A group work of a benchmark study, which consisted in designing a coffee machine for Magimix. I created the logo, the name, and the ad.

Graphic Design_Christian Lacroix_2006

The assignment was to create an object for Christian Lacroix. I designed a champagne bottle and two glasses by Christian Lacroix for Veuve Clicquot, at time of Valentine’s day.